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About AD Senior Secondary School (ADSSS)

A.D. senior secondary school is a 33 year old institution which had a noble beginning in the year 1987. with a vision of providing quality education to the society. At present, the school stands out an enviable position not only in Faridabad but at state level as many of the laudable achievements are to its credit.

Right from the day of its existence A.D. senior secondary school is working persistently to shape the future of young and vibrant souls by imparting quality education. Our focus is to develop a different prospective of looking at life, building own opinion and have point of view.

The educational experience at A.D. senior secondary school turns out to be an overall enriching one equipping students with the conviction of pursuing their dream professions in their lives. At A.D. senior secondary, students grow with an optimum blend of excellence in academics, in personal growth and in human values.

At ADSSS we work on a triangle – based –concept where school – student-parent work together towards the growth of a child, which mean all three hands of a triangle are integral part of child’s overall growth and it is impossible to achieve that goal if one of it is missing.
We make a great effort which considering a teacher for our students as a good teacher helps the child to bloom effortlessly.



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